Pregnancy Care at ISHA

Isha Women's Hospital stands as a pillar of excellence in pregnancy care, guided by the expertise and compassion of Dr. Chinmay Pataki. Dr. Chinmay Pataki is renowned for his proficiency in handling routine and high-risk pregnancies, as well as complex obstetric emergencies. He has handled more than 50,000 pregnancies until now.

Dr. Chinmay Pataki's extensive experience in high-risk pregnancy care sets him apart as a leading expert in the field of gynecology. His comprehensive understanding of maternal-fetal medicine enables him to navigate complex medical conditions with precision and empathy, ensuring the well-being of both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy journey.

As one of the leading experts in obstetrics and gynecology in India, Dr. Chinmay Pataki brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Isha Women's Hospital. His tenure as an Assistant Professor at Lokmanya Tilak Medical College (SION HOSPITAL) Mumbai, and his role as Co-Founder and Former Co-Owner of AKRUTI IVF CENTRE LLP, underscore his commitment to advancing women's health and reproductive medicine.

Isha Women's Hospital holds a mission to provide world-class pregnancy care and postnatal support to women, ensuring their optimal maternal and fetal health.

Compassionate Routine Pregnancy Care: Dr. Chinmay Pataki's expertise in gynecological ultrasound imaging is a game-changer in enhancing the success rate of fertility treatments at Isha Women's Hospital. From follicular studies to Doppler imaging and obstetric sonography, his meticulous approach to ultrasound diagnostics ensures accurate assessment and monitoring throughout the reproductive journey, empowering women with valuable insights into their reproductive health.
At Isha Women's Hospital, we believe that every pregnancy deserves personalized attention and compassionate care. Dr. Chinmay Pataki's dedication to routine pregnancy care ensures that expectant mothers receive comprehensive prenatal services, including regular check-ups, prenatal screenings, and educational support to promote healthy pregnancies and optimal fetal development.

Obstetric Emergencies with Precision: Dr. Chinmay Pataki's proficiency in managing obstetric emergencies is the essence of our pregnancy care services at Isha Women's Hospital. With his expertise and swift intervention, we are equipped to address unforeseen complications such as preterm labor, placental abnormalities, and maternal hypertension, ensuring timely and effective management to safeguard maternal and fetal well-being.

Your Partner in Pregnancy: At Isha Women's Hospital, we pledge to uphold the highest standards of excellence and compassion in pregnancy care. Dr. Chinmay Pataki's unwavering commitment to maternal health and our dedicated team of healthcare professionals ensure that every woman receives personalized attention, support, and expertise throughout her pregnancy and beyond.

Our services at Isha Women’s Hospital for pregnancy care include: -

NORMAL DELIVERY: Natural childbirth
VACCINATION: Timely immunization

Whether you're embarking on the journey of motherhood for the first time or seeking specialized care for a high-risk pregnancy, Isha Women's Hospital is here to be your trusted partner every step of the way. With Dr. Chinmay Pataki at Isha Women’s Hospital, we invite you to experience pregnancy care rooted in expertise, compassion, and commitment to your well-being. Welcome to Isha Women's Hospital, where every pregnancy is nurtured with care and dignity. Your Pregnancy is our priority.